Happy baby..happy life. Anybody who has babies knows exactly what this means...having an unhappy baby can be miserable. Thanks to science you now have help with an unhappy baby

We were lucky, for the most part all our babies were all pretty happy…we didn’t have to suffer through colic or general fussiness that some parents deal with on a daily basis. (I feel for you) I have friends and relatives who didn't have the happiest of babies and their lives were pretty much miserable while this was going on.  But now thanks to science you may have help with an unhappy baby thanks to a simple song.

Scientists researched what kind of music babies like, and say they have a song that's scientifically proven to make babies happy.  It was written by Grammy award winning singer/songwriter Imogen Heap.

They helped create four different melodies, and tested them on 26 kids to find out which one they liked most.  They did it by measuring their heart rates, and looking for cues like how much they smiled.

They also incorporated a bunch of sounds that babies responded to the most . . . like the word "boo" . . . the sound of a dog barking . . . and the sound of another baby laughing.  And they figured out the ideal tempo is 163 beats per minute...and the song that does that is “The Happy Song”

I’m curious, my kids are no longer babies, so would you play this for your baby and see if it actually works…I’m a little skeptical, but hey it’s science, so it’s got to work right?

...and if you don't have a happy baby and don't even know what that's like....have a look at this compilation of babies laughing...it may not  make your baby happy, but it is guaranteed to put you in a better mood...see if you can watch it without smiling.....






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