The 86th Academy Awards are Sunday night on ABC.  This is one of the most competitive years that I can remember in quite a few categories.  With full disclosure, there are a few of the movies that I haven't seen yet.  (Nor will I ever see Blue Jasmine...not a Woody Allen Fan)  I have made my personal picks for this years major awards, see them below, plus please post your picks and we'll compare notes on Monday to see who was more righter.

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Best Picture

·         American Hustle

·         Captain Phillips

·         Dallas Buyers Club

·         Gravity

·         Her

·         Nebraska

·         Philomena

·         12 Years a Slave

·         The Wolf of Wall Street

 In full disclosure, I haven't seen Nebraska or Her, and I think this is one of the most competitive races for best motion picture we've had in years, with a lot of great movies, but I will have to go with American Hustle, over 12 years a slave, but it could go the other way, but I truly believe it comes down to these two movies.

Best Actor

 Another close race between Leonardo, Mathew and Christian, but my choice here is Matthew McConaughey, Absolutely brilliant in Dallas Buyers Club

Best Actress


 I didn't see Blue Jasmine, and there is a lot of talk for Cate Blanchett, but my choice is Amy Adams, only because I loved everything about American Hustle and Amy looked fabulous and did a great job in the movie.  But, this award could go to almost one of the actresses.

Best Supporting Actor

 I love everyone in the category and the job they did and this catagory is in my opinion the most competitive.  With that being said, I loved Jonah Hill, and Bradley Cooper, but Jared Leto's performance was by far the most spectacular performance in the catagory.  It took half an hour for my wife and I to even figure out who was the actor who was playing the charterer, and the transformation he made during the movie was amazing. This is the one pick that I feel best about

Best Supporting Actress

 Once again, because I loved the movie so much, it was my number one movie of the year last year, and because I also love her, my pick is Jennifer Lawrence.  I have yet to see her do a bad job in a movie, and for someone so young she is impressive, but because of her youth, Academy voters may vote for someone a little older, so I don't feel 100 percent confident in my pick.

Now it's your turn.....who do you thing will take home the Oscar