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I work 50+ hours a week in order to provide a life that allows my wife to stay home with our 1 year old. She is a wonderful mother and wife, but things aren't really panning out the way I imagined that they would.

I'm writing to see if I'm being a jerk ... or if she's slacking. When I come home from work, she's often sitting on the couch scrolling through Facebook ... with mounds of laundry piled up next to her waiting to be folded. Dinner isn't even a thought until I mention it ... and the whole house is always mess.

When I come home from working a long day, I expect to be able to relax and put my feet up ... but I can't when the ottoman and my chair is covered in clothes.

I always figured having her home as a stay at home mom, meant that she would care for our child and our home... our child is well cared for, but our home is another story. Am I way out of line here to expect her, as a stay at home mom to handle daily household chores like cooking and cleaning?

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