Guardians of the Galaxy was a HUGE movie over the weekend with a record $94 million bucks.  Did you see it once or twice or six times?

There was one movie crowd in New Jersey that settled into its seats with big buckets of popcorn ready to see Guardians of the Galaxy, and when the movie started it was the wrong one.  A big theater oops!  How would you react?

The New Jersey cinema accidentally played The Rise of the Guardians instead of Guardians of the Galaxy.  You've seen one Guardian movie you've seen 'em all, right? Nope!  Fans were upset and took to Twitter to react, but they ended up getting free movie tickets for their trouble so not all was lost.


How did it happen?  The file was in the theater hard drive as "Guardians" and the employee that started the screening thought it was the right one.  Perhaps they need to work on their labeling system.

And if you saw Transformers: Age of Extinction awhile back, be glad it wasn't Ice Age.