Isabella Tanikumi is suing Disney for $250 million, according to TMZ, claiming plagiarism, and that the Frozen story-line is tied to her own autobiography, published in 2010.

But can she freeze stuff?

Tanikumi’s book called Yearnings Of The Heart is about her family’s survival during a bad earthquake in 1970 in Huaraz, Peru, and it covers other trials growing up, including the death of her sister Laura.   It sounds like a sad and compelling story in many ways, but it's not exactly clear where the frozen castles and magical powers come into play.  No comment yet from Disney.

Frozen has grossed huge bucks - in fact $1.2 billion worldwide - and if your house is anything like mine you've not only seen the movie countless times with your daughters, but you have twin bed sheets, books, dolls, and your youngest daughter picked out Frozen undies to go with her goofy Olaf jammies.  I'm a little tired of tripping over the toys, but I still think it's an inspiring story for young girls, especially sisters, and I don't mind voting for that with dollars.

The budget for the movie was $150 million and it's made over a billion dollar profit, so a $250 million lawsuit would only be a little ding.  Do you think Tanikumi will have any success in court?  I think she might be better off if she Let It Go.


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