Do we need another singing competition? Yes! We're done with American Idol, the Voice is still cool, but America's Got Talent? We also have the Masked Singer.

That's four singing style competitions that basically put contestants up against other contestants. Very simple. Do we need another one? Well, this one has been on the air for over 65 years and you've probably never heard of it. Welcome to the Eurovision Song Contest.

This is Europe's TV show and will make it's way to American during the 2021 holidays. It's a singing competition but this one gives someone from Idaho a better shot to win. This singing contest puts states up against states. The goal isn't just to be the best singer because that's not going to get you anywhere. The way you'll get noticed on this show is highlighting where you're from and creatively bringing the audience into your world.

This is interesting because it's kind of like an Olympic competition but not countries against other countries. This would instead be artists from Idaho against Texas and so on.

It's different when you go against another country because you have some sort of pride representing the United States. This would face our state up against Nevada. Do we not like Nevada for any reason? I mean they do have Las Vegas!

This will be interesting as the press announcements have just come out. "There are 10 televised Qualifier Competitions, leading to Semi-Finals and the ultimate primetime Grand Final." That's coming from the Eurovision site.

The American Song Contest producer Mr. Lenoff said this,

Imagine if music was an Olympic sport and artists from all over the world came together to compete for the gold. That's the Eurovision Song Contest. The American version will be different than anything seen before on U.S. television, marrying the fanfare and excitement of March Madness and the NFL playoffs with the artistry and beauty of world-class performances. The American Song Contest is a competition that happens to be televised, rather than a contest created to make a television show. And it's open to all sings with a song, whether they are amateur artists or already signed to a major record label. No one is excluded from the competition

This is a great video describing the Eurovision Song Contest. Imagine this but think of it by states.

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