This is pretty cool! Tonya Mitchell, a long time pumpkin carver in Boise has created a drive through Halloween experience for 2020 that you'll want to check out!

First off, even with stencils I'm no good at carving a pumpkin but even if I was a superstar, I'd be wildly impressed by Tonya Mitchell and Forever Pumpkins! She's a pumpkin carver with 20+ years of experience and she wants to showcase her creations for you this Halloween season!

In addition to custom carving pumpkins for you, this year, she's providing an experience that's particularly helpful in 2020. A Drive Through Halloween Experience! Thanks to our friends over at CBS 2 Boise for sharing the story. Now, we have another drive through option for Halloween night! In a town where we already have Harrison BLVD and all the beautiful pumpkin patches and corn mazes surrounding is, we're extra lucky to have this pumpkin viewing experience in 2020.

Friday and Saturday nights between now and Halloween, Tonya's setup will be out for viewing so you can see the incredible work she's done this year, and so you can fill those Halloween and fall wishes of getting out and experiencing something fun and spooky!

This will be particularly helpful if you have kids and you're stressed about them being bored or feeling like they're missing out on Halloween night. We can't have everything in 2020 but we can have this. Head over and check out Tonya's pumpkins at 1613 South Londoner Ave. in Boise.

Enjoy and have a happy Halloween season!

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