Expansion is a great thing. Especially when it's expanding to house more planes, classic cars, and history all housed at Nampa's Warhawk Museum. 

If you've never experienced this peek back into the past in our own backyard, I highly suggest you do it. The 40,000 square foot museum dedicated to the United States fight through the skies from World War 1 through the Vietnam War is a marvel that many people travel from across the region to see. With all the visitors and the new exhibits that are planned for the new year, new space is needed. So that is exactly what the plans are. To expand and make more room for more planes, vintage cars, and memorabilia that will delight kids ages 5 all the way up to adults of 95. The downside of growing though is the growing costs to do so...so the Nampa Warhawk Museum is planning a fundraising campaign in hopes to collect close to $900,000 to help expand and add a new hanger which would add close to 14,000 square feet. If you would like to donate to this incredible organization follow this link. NAMPA WARHAWK MUSEUM - JD