Dear Mike and Nicole,

I'm a loyal listener and love the show. I just had to reach out though I have a question that I'm hoping you could help me with.

I was out on a date with my husband last Friday night and casually mentioned how cute our babysitter looked when she arrived at the house. Her outfit was awesome and I just thought she was really pretty. He replied, a little enthusiastically, and then said he thought she looked great in "everything she wears." It felt weird that he's been watching what she wears. I know he's a guy, I get that he looks, but it bothered me. He could tell, because he tried to reassure me that I'm beautiful and he just meant that she dresses well. I guess I'm a little bothered that he is looking at all at her, but also because she is only 19. What do you think I should do.

Thank you so much!

Penny in Meridian

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