Back in March, Mike and Kate had members of a new Social app called Salmon Social on the radio with them to talk about their new invention and to also begin a documentary movie about the success or failure of getting a new app to the marketplace in Boise Idaho.

Mike Kasper,Townsquare media
Mike Kasper,Townsquare media

In the world of social apps,  studies have shown that a new app will be a success and take off in 90 days, or it will be a complete and utter failure.  So Salmon Social has a film crew following them around Boise for 90 days to document everything that happens....the good and the bad.  And it all started when they appeared on the Mix Morning Show with Mike and Kate.......this is an update of how it's going so far.

Keep checking back to my blog and I will keep giving updates on the film and also let you know when it will be finished.  It's just so cool to be able to say Kate and I are now officially in a movie.....and Kate's Porn movie doesn't count.  (don't tell her I said that)



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