Do you want to meet Mr. Worldwide Pitbull? We have your chance to win Meet and Greet passes with the Pitbull Passwords.

Known for his reggaeton and Latin hip hop style, Pitbull is bringing the heat to Boise Music Festival. Would you like a chance to have that ultimate facebook profile pic?

Here is how to score a pair of "meet and greets" tomorrow ( WEDNESDAY June 19th). You will hear 3 Pitbull Passwords throughout the day. Take note of them! Because at 5:05 PM if you are caller 106 and have all 3 passwords you are meeting Pitbull!!

Pitbull Password schedule Wednesday June 19th :

Billy and Charene 

  • You will hear one Pitbull Password at 6:05, 7:05 and 8:05 AM.

Jen Austin 

  • You will hear one Pitbull Password at 12:05 PM

Jeff Connell

  • You will hear one Pitbull Password at 4:05 PM

THEN get ready at 5:05 PM to be caller #106 and tell Jeff all three Pitbull Passwords, if you are right you score Meet and Greets for Boise Music Festival on Saturday for Pitbull. Who would you take with you?

Download the app to increase your chances to win. If you miss a codeword ask a friend or reach out... you never know who will help you.

Be listening for those Pitbull passwords.


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