Netflix has sucked me in with a new original show, Indian Matchmaking. The show follows matchmaker, Sima Taparia, and the process of helping clients find their future spouses. Truthfully, I was skeptical of this seemingly antiquated practice, but after the first episode I'm totally team matchmaking.

Back when I started dating in the early 2000's, the idea of meeting a partner online was still so taboo. But now it's so commonplace to meet online. All my single friends are on dating apps with varying rates of success.

Well, matchmaking is basically online dating but with a living, breathing human vetting matches instead of an algorithm. Does this guy actually match his picture? Is he as tall as he claims? Is she just maximizing angles or using filters in her picture? Your matchmaker will verify all of this in person so you don't have to!

Then you go on the dates. If it doesn't work out, you keep it moving and are given more vetted options to choose from. If it goes well, yay! And you start a new relationship. It's basically a cleaner, expedited version of dating with clear intentions and goals and the pressure is more on the matchmaker since she/he is getting paid to figure out your dating life.

I'm happily married and don't plan on ever being back on the market. But in the event of my husband's untimely death, after a LENGTHY period of grieving I would venture into the world of matchmaking if I felt the need to be wifed up again.

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