When moving in with a partner, it can take some adjustment getting used to their individual domestic and hygienic habits.

One man took to Reddit explaining his girlfriend takes extremely hot showers, causing his bathroom to steam up — so, he took drastic action to remedy the situation.

The guy explained he's been dating his girlfriend for eight months, and "things have been going so well" that when she got a job near his home, she "decided to stay at my place temporarily rather than do the daily commute," he wrote via Reddit.

Shortly after she moved in, however, he noticed "when she showers, she has the water so hot that steam billows from the bathroom when she opens the door," leaving "everything in the bathroom wet."

"I have been telling her to use the dehumidifier in the bathroom as she showers. She told me that she showers with the window open and turns it on afterwards because the air was too humid for the dehumidifier," he continued, adding that he had enough.

"I put my foot down and told her it wasn't optional, and she ended up breaking the dehumidifier with the steam," he explained.

After the humidifier broke, he demanded she take showers "at a normal temperature like everyone else does."

Hannah Xu via Unsplash
Hannah Xu via Unsplash

He noted she didn't listen to him and that after every time she took a shower, her skin was "red" and the bathroom was a "sauna."

Growing increasingly frustrated, he took the lock off the bathroom door — assuring she still had privacy, however — so he could monitor the temperature of her showers.

Since he removed the lock, he's noticed his girlfriend's demeanor toward him has changed.

"She's started spending weekends at her place and she's slowly been taking her stuff with her. I told her that I didn't do it to be nasty, but the hot showers were damaging my bathroom and probably her health too," he wrote, adding: "She just says 'ok' and 'it's fine.'"

In the comments, users were quick to slam the guy, calling out his controlling behavior.

"He literally goes in and checks the water temperature. That's not the way to treat another adult," one person wrote, while another commented: "You're allowed to take hot, steamy showers in a bathroom. It's normal. Trying to control your girlfriend's shower temperature isn't."

Another user noted the girlfriend is clearly on her way out.

"I think the problem will sort itself out without him having to do anything. The relationship is over," they wrote. "She’s moving back into her own place piece by piece, probably nice and slowly so she doesn’t set off the unhinged maniac that took the locks off his bathroom door so he can monitor her shower habits and 'catch her in the act' when she dares to have a hot shower."

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