What leftover eggnog?  My dad and I can polish off a container of eggnog together with no trouble at all.  Add a little brandy and crushed ice, and a dash of nutmeg on top...yum.  But, on the off chance that there is leftover nog, here's a tasty idea about what to do with it.

The Today Show shared the recipe, and it sounded yummy so I thought I'd share their share.  If the kids don't like eggnog but you want them to help you polish off the last carton, they'll never know you snuck it in there.

Here's what you'll need:


8 slices of bread: French, Challah, Brioche or White bread

4 eggs

1 pinch salt

2 cups eggnog

1/2 stick butter

Non stick spray

Click HERE for the full recipe.  You can even add cranberry orange syrup.  If not right this second, it sounds like a great New Year's Day brunch idea to me.

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