There was a huge number of people who left states like New York and New Jersey last year, and Idaho received a bunch of them.

When it comes to states people moved to in 2014, Idaho is in the Top 10.

United Van Lines released a report that keeps track of where people are putting down new roots, and said the number one state that people are moving to is Oregon.  Idaho is 10th on the list.  Most people are going to Oregon for a job or to retire, according to the report.  Other states people are flocking to, include the Carolinas, Vermont, and Florida, plus Idaho.

All of these states have great scenery if you ask me.  They're pretty.   Maybe people are tired of looking at city buildings and gray pavement, and want to see some trees and mountains?  Who knows what the reasons are.  But they're coming.

So if you know anyone that has recently relocated to Idaho you're not alone.  And if you're new, hey hey!  Thanks for hanging out with us.  Let us know what your favorite thing is about Idaho so far.  The salmon and quinoa?  Mine too.