I am always trying to plan something. I am deciding on what adventures I am going to get into here in the state of Idaho.

All of the talk about searching out Idaho has me wondering if I should grab this teepee tent that has a stove jack so on those cold nights even during hot summer days I can stay warm. It will cost around $700 but worth it.

When I think about what I want to see and do in Idaho here is what I have come up with.

  • more hot springs!
  • fly fish the St. Joe river
  • Catch a Steelhead on the fly
  • hike to an Idaho mountain lake
  • hike 3 trails near town and possibly camp if possible off trail.
  • Go to Stanley and try to find a place to camp ( I say try cause it is SO busy)

Hopefully I will be able to accomplish most of these, I am still undecided on this tent as I am not sure how much I can use it but may be a great way to get outdoors even more. It's lightweight too for backpacking.



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