I've been hunting before and never saw one in the wild, but sitting at my desk in the Mix 106 studio and a turkey walked right up to the window and peeked in!

Kate McGwire Photos

We have a lot of wild life around our studio because we are down along the Boise River. Deer, geese, foxes, coyotes, raccoons but never a turkey. Well, not until today that is!

I know a few guys that hunt turkeys up off Bogus Basin Rd but to be this close to people is a bit off. I ran and got a few of the boys in our sales department that hunt to come see our new mascot as he took a tour of the building and parking lot. They even said the closest they have seen turkeys is along the river at Barber Park or out near Star. Someone suggested we call the zoo to make sure they aren't missing anything. He was huge too! Standing completely upright he is about 3 feet tall, his beard was about 7-9 inches long and that is big for a Tom!

It is hunting season right now so he is a smart turkey hiding out in our parking lot! He was even gobbling and calling out to a female turkey down by the river. Someone has a girlfriend!