Flu season usually peaks between December and February, but there are new flu cases popping up in Idaho that prove the tardy cases can be the harshest sometimes. Here's how to protect yourself.

We've heard it before and it sounds like our mothers talking.  "Eat right, get plenty of rest, wash your hands, and drink lots of water."  All of that still applies.  I don't see "hose down the house and the office with Lysol," but sometimes that works too.

I forced flu shots on the kids last fall, and then it was fun for them to watch Mama "get a poke" too.  Apparently it's not too late for a flu shot, even though it's late in the season.

The Idaho Dept. of Health and Wellness says they've had 16 flu-related deaths this season, and it's actually quadrupled in the past few weeks.  Back on March 4th there were only 4 deaths from the flu.

The weather is awesome this week, but that darn wintry sickness is still hanging on and ruining spring for some families.  Thank you hand sanitizer, for your contributions to keeping the bugs away.  And if you have the flu, stay home!  Enjoy your Netflix day and get well soon.

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