We just got used to seeing these Lime Scooters all over the sidewalks in Meridian. Maybe you have even tried them out. Well, it looks like they are going away. Here's why. 

The City of Meridian says there is confusion over where you can ride and park and park them and they want to support them, but they have to be done the right way and that is not what is happening according to Meridian City Attorney Bill Nary.

In a nutshell, the electric scooters cost $1 to start up and then $0.15 a minute to keep them rolling. According to KTVB, an app and a GPS tracking system is used to keep track of the scooters.

Lime has a two-year pilot-program with Meridian City that allows them to put the scooters on city-owned property like Meridian City Hall, parks, and pathways.

After a September 17th debut, the city asked Lime to scale back from 200 to 100 scooters, and now they want them taken off the streets completely until things are done right and the public is knowledgeable about how to use them.

One thing that I didn't initially understand is that you aren't supposed to ride the scooters on the sidewalk, you need to ride them on the street and of course obey all traffic laws, just as you would with any other mode of transportation.

Another thing I did not originally understand is that you have to be 18 or older and have a valid drivers license to operate the scooters. My kids were really excited to ride them and then I had to break the news after downloading the Lime app and learning more about the program.

Meridian city plans to meet today to discuss how to properly move forward with the scooters.

Boise City can expect to see scooters and/or bike share programs from two different companies by the middle of October.

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