It's no secret that the Treasure Valley continues to grow and along with it, the companies that employ its residents. According to the Idaho Department of Labor, Idaho's population is expected to top 2 million by 2031.

One can only imagine what the business landscape of Idaho will look like but at the very least, people are going back to work. The Idaho Department of Labor reports that Idaho's unemployment rate was last recorded at 2.5%, which they describe as a "historic low." Between May and June, the Idaho Department of Labor reports that the labor force participation is at 62.5% which is just shy of the all-time high of 71.4% labor force participation back in September of 1998.

There are several other impressive statistics included in their report but the big takeaway here is quite simple: Idahoans are going back to work.

Using data from Boise Valley Economic Partnership and the Idaho Department of Labor, we were able to gather data to determine which Boise company employs the most people. Who do you think came in at number one?

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