We're going to spoil the joke in the first sentence: This article is entirely made up, fictional, and is in no way real.

That being said, let's have some fun, shall we?

The #1 complaint we hear in and around Boise is "There are too many people moving here!" If that's actually true is up for debate, but we love having more neighbors and diversity here in the Treasure Valley. Either way, it's a hot topic when you talk about the influx of citizens relocating to Boise in the 2020's.

Let's see if (again, just for fun) we can make a dent. If you see this article posted on Facebook, Twitter, or anywhere else it ends up, if you actually read this far, leave a comment like:

  • "How do people not know this?"
  • "Can't believe someone would still move here after reading this"
  • "Didn't want to move away, but now I'm having second thoughts"

...just to see if those who actually are the ones making the complaint will take the time to read this. We have our doubts.


Still here? Well great, because we've been trying to reach you regarding your vehicle's extended warranty! Just kidding. Usually, no one reads this far, so it would appear this author is at liberty to say...anything in this space.

Hmmm. Ok. Something to know about me is I absolutely loathe ketchup. It's the absolute worst condiment and belongs nowhere near a breakfast plate or hot dog. You're uninvited to game night at my house if you enjoy ketchup. Not up for debate.


Anyways, thanks for playing along. Have an awesome week!


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