The Treasure Valley has always been a safe place to live that is often ranked as one of the best places to raise a family. Other popular lists will rank Boise low on crime and high on safety--and this seems to happen consistently. While no town or community is 100% crime free, we like to think that here in the Treasure Valley, we look out for one another at all times.

As our area continues to grow, it won't be uncommon to see crime rates grow with it--that doesn't meant that it needs to get out of hand or out of our control--it just means we all need to look out for one another a little extra at times.

The Nampa Police Department consistently does an amazing job of informing the public of what is going on -- AND asking for the public's help. Whether it's sharing case information or photos and video from security cameras--when they need help from the public, they are quick to get the word out and in turn, the public always rises to the occasion.

Once again, Nampa Police needs your help--this time, to identify a car theft suspect. The video is not the most clear but they say perhaps the public can recognize the mans stature, walk, or clothing.

Stills from the video are below: 

Nampa Police Want To Identify Car Theft Suspect

Do you recognize this man?

Below is the post from Nampa Police:


If you have any tips or information, Nampa Police ask you to contact Crime Stoppers at 208-343-COPS!

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Yes, even here in the Treasure Valley where crime isn't so rampant, there is a most wanted list. According to the Southwest Idaho Crime Stoppers, these are the most wanted of them all. So many of these mugshots are from Ada and Canyon Counties. Do you recognize anyone?

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When it comes to the most wanted criminals in Idaho, the list according to the Idaho Department Corrections is short. There are a total of nine individuals who made the "Most Wanted" list. Do you recognize any of these fugitives? Some have only been on the run for a few months. Take a good look at the photos below and let your local authorities know if you have absolutely any information.