In what world does an individual, or group of individuals, walk into the home of college students and brutally murder four, with a knife? This question, among many others, has an entire nation totally shaken and here in Idaho, folks can't believe it happened right in our back yard.

A week has passed since a crime unheard of for Moscow, Idaho was committed and investigators continue to look for a suspect. Because of the nature of this crime, it has made headlines globally and despite the fact that many days have passed, authorities have yet to make an arrest or share a lead with the public.  This has been the main driver behind so much online speculation--many playing "expert" and in this process, friends, significant others, and families of the four victims have taken a LOT of online harassment--it's even heavier given they're just trying to grieve.

Most in the public are at a loss--and wish that there was a way to help. Three organized GoFundMe campaigns offer a window for anyone that would like to contribute, to do so in an easy way.

It's important to note that while no amount of money will ever bring back these innocent, young, lives--these families are being faced with a lot in this moment and covering meals, funeral costs, and more comes as a great relief to the mourning families and communities.

To donate to Ethan Chapin's GoFundMe, as was organized by the fraternity Sigma Chi Gama Eta, click HERE

To donate to Xana's GoFundMe, as was organized by a close friend, you can click HERE

To donate to a joint GoFundMe, organized for Madison & Kaylee who have been long-tie friends and tragically passed together in the senseless crime, click HERE

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