As the Treasure Valley painstakingly counts down to the premiere of the Bar Rescue episodes they shot earlier this summer, some of you wonder just how long they’ll last after their episode airs. 

While not officially confirmed by producers, social media tips lead us to believe that Season 9 of the show will likely feature makeovers at Firehouse Sports Pub in Nampa, Corner Cafe in Horseshoe Bend, Strikers at Meridian Lanes and the Hideaway Bar & Grill in Meridian. Some of these businesses are already using new names Jon Taffer and management decided on after the makeover. 

We’re keeping an eye on everything Bar Rescue to let you know when those episodes will air. Season 8 of the show premiered in May 2021. It had a long hiatus beginning in August 2021, but resumed in March of this year. The season finale, shot in Florida, aired in June. Orlando (30 minutes from the bar the finale was shot at) was mentioned in the same casting call as Boise, Denver and Charlotte, so we expect the Boise bars to appear early on in the new season whenever it does premiere!

Facebook/Firehouse Sports Pub + Getty Images
Facebook/Firehouse Sports Pub + Getty Images

Some of you cynics posted that “more than half are always permanently closed” or “Bar Rescue is a joke” when we posted the news. We’ll have to wait and see if you’re correct. This author will share that the bars Taffer and his staff did in her hometown in October 2015 are very much still there. She actually had reservations to a Christmas pop-up at one of them while visiting family in 2021, but it got canceled due to COVID-19 exposure amongst the staff. (Hey, props to the managers for being safe!) 

While those two Ohio bars are doing well, very few people are surprised when a restaurant from shows like Bar Rescue or Restaurant: Impossible. All of these establishments have some deep seeded issues that need to be fixed. Sometimes a fresh coat of paint and whirlwind training aren’t enough to keep them thriving. It’s when restaurants that were featured on shows meant to celebrate local restaurants that make up the DNA of a city close that shock people. We’re talking shows like Diners, Drive in and Dives and Man v. Food. 

Getty Images
Getty Images

An owner of a Denver restaurant featured on DDD shared with Mashed that when you get the call to be on the show, producers warn you “this will change your business forever” and shared that in their case, it did.

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