Thursday, America and the world was a day we will remember for the rest of our lives. It was the first time an American president was convicted of a crime. The jury that was carefully selected by the liberal prosecution team and guided by a twisted judge declared that President Donald Trump was guilty on all thirty-four counts of a victimless crime.

YouTube/ Fox 5 New York
YouTube/ Fox 5 New York

Donald Trump has to be the most dangerous man in the country, heck the world. If Mr. Trump was not a danger, why have there been so many attempts to imprison him? President Biden has the advantage of the incumbency and an incredible lead in fundraising, yet is Donald Trump beating him in the polls?

President Trump's freedom has been taken away from him. The judge, not him, will determine where he can go and what he can do. We are now living in a time where the favorite candidate to win the presidency could be imprisoned in Rikers Island.

This is not 1984 or A Brave New World; we live in 2024, a time of uncertainty and unrest. The Republic is not being attacked by outside forces but by a twisted, perverted liberal political dynamic that seeks to deny Americans the right to choose their president.

We can now say we are living in historic times, which the country has never experienced before in its Republic's history.

Let's take a look at how Idaho reacted to the big news:










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