The Idaho Legislature will meet today in hopes of passing Governor Little's agenda of tax relief for Idahoans and more money for public education. Organizers of the special session hope to have a one-day-only meeting of the state's governing body.

However, one legislator will introduce legislation that could provide more tax relief for Idahoans. State Representative Judy Boyle says she will introduce a 'tax holiday' legislation. The details of the law are as follows, it would give all Idaho property owners a "tax holiday" from their December 20th property tax bill while fully funding the 1,200+ taxing districts across the state. Additionally, the bill lowers the personal income tax rate to 5.8% while simplifying the tax code by creating a flat tax.

Representative Boyle commented, "Idahoans are demanding tax relief. Our nation is falling deeper into a recession affecting retirement accounts and local businesses. It's our duty to act quickly and cut taxes to offer some relief. This bill is unique because it simplifies the income tax code for everyone and immediately grants a tax holiday to all property owners. The State of Idaho will be able to use its massive $2 billion surplus to fund all the local taxing districts."

Critics of the special session say that Idahoans do not want another quick cash back. The issues of property tax reform and the elimination of the state's grocery tax have failed to make it to the governor's desk in past sessions. Idaho is only one of five states with a grocery tax on food. We'll keep you updated as this story develops.

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