The past few weekends and, for that matter, last year have been challenging for Idaho Law Enforcement agencies. We forget that our police officers are under incredible respect, and although not perfect, they protect and serve. However, recent tragedies and controversies in our state have caused many to question the competency of our law enforcement agencies.

During the holiday weekend, two police departments were involved in officer-involved shootings. Thankfully the officers weren't hurt, but one suspect was killed in the Caldwell shootout. While most of us were enjoying turkey and family, Idaho law enforcement was doing their jobs without recognition.


It has been well documented how the local, state, and federal officials handle the four homicides in Moscow, Idaho. The department is doing its best to solve this tragic case responsibly. The challenge is that so many national and local media outlets cover the possibility that the department is overwhelmed.



The Boise Police Department continues to weather the storm brought on by Boise Mayor Lauren McLean. The mayor's hire of a police chief almost single-handedly destroyed the department. Her administration ignored calls for help from the rank and file. The mayor has now declared that she is investigating the department regarding a retired Boise Police captain who appeared at a White Supremacy event.  



Unfortunately, the Boise mayor chose to make her concerns public. Is it a coincidence that she will determine the new contract for Boise Police officers? Mayor McLean will get another opportunity to pick a new chief, but does she have the public's or the police department's trust? Let's hope someone prevails over the mayor to de-escalate this disturbing situation.


The department is slowly rebuilding after an FBI investigation and prosecution of former Caldwell Police officers. The new Caldwell chief continues to work to establish trust within the community.

Idaho State Police

As you can see from the photo above, someone took a shot at an Idaho State Police officer this weekend. Thankfully no one was hurt, but these attacks on police cannot be tolerated.

Other local departments have continued the excellent reputation of Idaho Law enforcement. Let's remember that we're all in this together and thank law enforcement for their service.

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