The Caldwell School District has punted on holding another meeting to discuss and vote on adopting a woke education policy. The first meeting was cut off after the school district officials did not like it when Idaho State Senator Chris Trakel respectfully tried to speak. You can view the session for yourself below.

First a quick review of the last week's meeting in case you missed it.

Check Out These Shocking Photos From The Caldwell School Board Meeting

The Caldwell School Board shuts down the meeting.

One district official took to social media to offer an alternative point of view.

The Idaho Statesman3281.

Over one thousand concerned parents attended the last meeting to tell the board that they did not approve of their new woke agenda. We had several folks share their objections with us recently.

Jason who attended the meeting told us, "I got there forty minutes before the meeting, and there was a line outside the door; by the time the meeting started, the line wrapped passed around the building; I believe there were over a thousand people there."

He continued, "it was amazing. I saw people of all types of religions at the meeting who were there for the same reason. The way the school board handled it was insane; you can only seat 92 people, they did not have adequate anything, they didn't have police there until the meeting started."

Jason said he witnessed school officials attempting to deny a cameraman access to the meeting. He told us that the press official gained access ten minutes into the session and had to seek help from the Caldwell Police to get into the school board meeting.

Here's a quick look at the new woke policy:

A student who 'identifies' with will be allowed to use the restroom of their gender choice, whether it conflicts with their birth gender.

Teachers will be forced to address students by what the students decided their gender preference; in other words, a boy named Sam who wants to be called Samantha can now force Caldwell's teachers to call him by the female name.

A boy who identifies as a girl or vice versa will be allowed to stay in a room with who they identify on overnight trips.

Parents can email their objections to the District Trustees

From the Statesman: "In light of the cancellation, “Caldwell School District patrons” may provide written comments on the proposed policy by emailing the school board’s clerk at Those wishing to do so will be required to provide a name, address and phone number."

Public officials have a duty to listen and follow direction from the folks who elected them. We hope the Caldwell School District Trustees will reconsider their decision.

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