One of the oldest General stores in the country is located right here in Idaho. It was built in the 1800s and is a perfect stop for the entire family. From time to time you'll find families at the general store enjoying homemade ice cream.

Have you been to Tracy General Store?

It's located in Almo, had isn't just a general store it's part of the community. They still have freshly baked cookies, bread, and homemade ice cream from "Old Almo Creamery"

Tracy General Store has been a popular spot for people who discover this gem while making their way through Southern Idaho.

They even use the old cash register.

According to "the post office is even in this general store and has been since the store's beginning."

There's nothing better than having a family ran, locally-owned establishment like this in your community that it continues to support and if you're a local then this is a place you're going gather. It's a place where you can catch up with your neighbors over fresh baked goods, and even meet new people from across the country who are driving through.

The post office originally opened in 1881.

I love being able to discover the history of where I live. There's so much history that I have yet to discover and can't wait to continue to find places that continue to make Idaho such an amazing place!

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