Is Morgan Wallen really coming to Albertson's Stadium?

There's a Facebook event that over 10,000 people have responded to. Morgan Wallen at Albertsons Stadium Saturday, May 13, 2023.

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Right out of the gate common sense says this is fake, right? But, what if it isn't? The scheduled show is a week before Luke Combs at Albertsons Stadium. Here me out... The Luke Combs show is sold out, so they don't have to worry about selling any more tickets right? I'm sure there was a conversation as soon as it sold out of who can they bring out next.

There are a lot of mixed feelings in the discussion of the event. Emily obviously was super excited to see this.

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But, shortly after she was informed that it was a scam!

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The rest of the conversation on the page was more of the same.

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Let me ask you again, Is Morgan Wallen coming to Albertsons Stadium a scam?

If you went to the Morgan Wallen and HARDY concert at the Ford Idaho Center you know that he could sell out the Albertsons Stadium. I think that he could be making a big stadium tour announcement for 2023, but that's just my gut feeling.

Also, having some friends that work for BIG LOUD which is the record label that Morgan Wallen is on that would neither confirm or deny whether Morgan Wallen was coming to Albertsons Stadium.

They did say that he would be address the Facebook events soon? what does that mean?

Here's what I think, it's a complete scam and that you need to know that there will never be a Facebook event for any concert unless it's also on the that website for that artists. I also believe that there's a really good chance that Morgan Wallen will be coming back to the area, maybe not Boise but close enough that if you're a big Morgan Wallen fan that you're going to be making the trip.

Also, if you read this article congratulations... You now know that next week we will be making a big Morgan Wallen announcement.

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