One of America's best, "hidden gem" National Parks is 8 hours from Boise.

Both Idaho and Utah have a bunch of amazing National Parks, but when there's a lot to choose from, some places tend to be overlooked. However, that doesn't mean the overlooked parks are any less amazing.

There's a recent article from TheTravel that shares their picks for the best, most underrated National Parks to visit in the United States, and the closest one to Boise is in Utah.

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Capitol Reef National Park in Utah

The park posted to their Instagram saying...

"About 75% of the park is managed as wilderness. A hike into the backcountry rewards the adventurous with vast expanses of natural beauty and solitude. Leave no trace of your visit by hiking on trails, on durable slickrock, and in washes."

And, TheTravel says...

"Utah is jam-packed with incredible National Parks, so it is no surprise that some of the less well-known tend to be overlooked in favor of the more popular. One of these is Capitol Reef National Park, down in the southeast corner of Utah. It is an unusual shape, roughly 60 miles long but only 6 miles wide, and has breathtaking red rock formations throughout the park, including Capitol Dome, which closely resembles the United States Capitol Building in DC."

Shanhui Chen | Google Maps
Shanhui Chen | Google Maps

As you can see from the pictures, Capitol Reef National Park is incredibly unique and beautiful, and definitely worth the trip to see.

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