Yup! My wife and I (Kyle) just moved to Boise. We actually have been here for a little over a week and have really enjoyed ourselves! I think our two dogs have too!

Since being here we obviously tried to get to as much as we could from eating Downtown, to enjoying the river, and community events like the Spirit of Boise.

My wife and I moved from Lincoln, Nebraska which is a very flat state and didn't have as much to do as Boise. We have already realized that just after spending over a week here.

One thing that has stood out is that everyone we seem to speak with has said the same thing "It's usually never this hot". Let me tell you, I will take this dry heat over the heat and humidity every single day! With the endless opportunities to get in the water there's nothing better then getting wet and having a cold one!

First Week in Boise

Check out some of the pictures from my first week in Boise.

This was helpful as a newcomer!

A lot of people didn't know that Boise is technically a desert, when they decided to move here...

I'm new and so are these businesses

Boise's growing and so are these businesses! Some are brand new to the market. Others are expanding their footprint. Check out what's new in 2022!

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