Homes with helipads — do they exist in Idaho? They sure do! In fact, there’s a home with a helipad for sale in Idaho right now.

Since there was only one for sale in Idaho, we went to our friendly neighbors in Oregon, Nevada, and Montana to find some other homes that have helipads. Interestingly enough, each of those states have 1-2 homes on the market with helipads, too.

You would think “having a helipad” would be rare, but apparently there are a lot of homes that have them, however, most of them are not currently for sale. Keep scrolling for pictures of unbelievable properties in Idaho, Oregon, Nevada, and Montana that have helipads 👇

Not only do they come with freakin’ helicopters and helipads, but most of these homes are an Idahoan’s dream and come with all of our favorite things haha!

We’re talking luxury homes between 10-15 MILLION DOLLARS with highly desired mountain locations, beach access to large bodies of water, entire guest homes, swimming pools, theater rooms, and really unique additions/features like fully furnished underground bunkers, shooting ranges, armories, auto shops, and even butcher shops.

Simply put, these homes are insane.

The pictures are really astonishing, but their stories are cool, too. For example, the home in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, was featured on National television and is considered to be a “Sportsman's Paradise.” I swear if I ever win the lottery, I’m going to get a home like this. But for now, I’ll just check out the pictures and dream lol

Here are the homes in Oregon, Nevada, Montana, and Idaho with helipads and more 👇

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