It’s official. The secret is out.

Everyone is looking our way, Idaho, and there’s no denying we’re growing rapidly.

The Manual recently published a list called, “Where Should I Move? 3 States Everyone Loves (And 3 People Can’t Wait to Leave),” and let’s just say the results weren’t all that shocking — the gist is people hate California and are moving to Idaho and 2 other states — Florida and South Carolina.

Definitely old news for us Idahoans, as we’ve seen the massive increase of Californians moving here, but here’s what The Manual had to say about Idaho...

“Idaho offers similar amenities to South Carolina — cheaper land to go along with big, wild spaces. It also has a surprisingly excellent wine industry. The state has been welcoming people fleeing from California, Oregon, and Washington. Surprisingly, a lot of this motivation is also politically motivated.”

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LOL. They really just said, “surprisingly,” like it’s a surprise people are fleeing from Blue states and moving to Red ones — because we’re freakin’ awesome, and the Left has absolutely lost their damn minds.

Their article continues, “Boise State University’s 2022 Idaho Public Policy Survey of 1,000 residents found 5.4% of respondents said political climate was the primary grounds for their presence in the state. This ranked ahead of factors like cost of living, school, or taxes. Republicans occupy the head of every statewide office and hold supermajorities in the state legislature. The state is so red that conservative groups in rural Eastern Oregon are trying to merge with Idaho.”

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