Reba performed at the Ford Idaho Center in Nampa on Friday night, and what an amazing show it was!

This was part of her 2-year tour that started in 2022 and is continuing throughout 2023.

With a powerful opening to the show, and after the first 2 songs (that were both number one hits for her), Reba addressed the crowd and said...

“Thank y’all so much for coming out tonight!”

And she went on to share what she remembers about the last time she was here in Idaho.

“It’s been a while since I’ve been to Nampa, Idaho. I’ll never forget standing out in that rodeo arena with my band and me up on the trailer. That day, I had gone down to the western store and bought me a pair of brand-new boots — they were blue and silver, and I still have em’ too. Good memories from here!”

Parker K.
Parker K.

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From start to finish, you could just tell this was truly one of the greatest nights on their tour, and Reba especially seemed so grateful.

One thing I definitely learned last night, though, was that Idaho freakin’ shows up for people! We have so much to offer, and there are enough fans here to make any concert an absolute blast! I think Reba was genuinely shocked to see how many people were there.

I hope this message travels to other artists and labels and tour agencies so we can keep the good shows coming through Idaho.

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