With Facebook Market place I was wondering if Craigslist was still something people utilized. If you're not familiar with Craigslist it's a place you can find services, discussion forms, jobs, housing, and my favorite free stuff.

How many people are actually willing to part ways with something for free unless its something that they just don't know how to get rid of, they don't want to move it, it's complete garbage but they're hoping that "someone's garbage is another mans treasure".

There are some things that I would get for free from Craigslist like firewood, pallets (if I was doing some stupid pallet project), and maybe a TV stand if I was a college student.

As I was just looking through the free items I noticed that they have plenty of couches/love seats posted for FREE. If you need a couch and free couch is all you can afford I totally get it. For myself a couch is one of those personal items that I would want to purchase. You don't know what someone has done to that, what they've done on the couch, and you don't know where that couch has been.

For example the first couch on my list of Grab It or Trash It in the description it says "Nothing it broken, the cushions just need a good cleaning and stain removal". My favorite is when the post a picture of the couch on the curb. How long has that couch been there? How many dogs have peed on the couch? Has the couch been sitting in the rain?

Let's play a new game I like to call "Grab It or Trash It" you decide!

Grab It or Trash It - Free Couches On Craigslist

Take a look at these couches and let me know if you would GRAB IT or TRASH IT!

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