There are a few ladies in showbusiness that are known for pushing boundaries, making a statement and some interesting outfit choices. Katie Perry, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Cher, and Miley Cyrus are the first few that come to mind. Back in the 50s Marilyn Monroe was clearing the way for powerful independent women and she didn't even know it at the time.

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  Back in 1951 it is rumored that Marilyn showed up to a party in a sexy dress and a columnist suggested she looked "cheap and vulgar," adding she'd look better in a potato sack. Marlin wasn't going to let it slide and clapped back. So she went ahead and did an entire photoshoot in a (tailored) Idaho potato sack. She looks amazing in it too. ;)

On the Idaho Potato Museum Website you can purchase a Marilyn Monroe wearing the iconic Idaho potato sack dress on a postcard for just fifty cents. "No one can rock a potato sack dress like Marilyn Monroe. The artwork for the poster is taken from Marilyn’s iconic photograph taken by Earl Theisen circa 1951."

Idaho Potato Museum
Idaho Potato Museum

Wearing an Idaho potato sack can be a fun and pretty unique Halloween costume idea...  

Feel inspired? Etsy has quite an impressive collection of various Potato dress and clothing styles for sale including a few reenactment of Monroes photo shoot.

This website sells dresses, shirts and stickers with the Idaho potato sack look to them, or at least the logos.

Also if you look at Potato Dress or Potato Boutique on Pintrest your mind will be blown with what some crafty people have created using Idaho Potato sacks.

In 1956 MarlinThe movie was called “Bus Stop” Marilyn Monroe was 30-years-old and played a saloon singer who is being pursued by an aggressive Montana cowboy. A blog from BuyBoiseRealEstate says, "Bus Stop was not exclusively shot in Idaho, but much of it was filmed in Ketchum, at the North Fork Store, National Forest, Idaho, and Sun Valley. The North Fork Store is located in Blaine County, about six miles outside of Ketchum off Highway 75, and is the site where important moments in the movie were filmed."

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