Best Mexican Food in Boise?

What's your favorite place? What do you order? How much does it cost? Those were all questions asked on Reddit, which now has over 100 comments. It's easy to share what Yelp has ranked as the "best Mexican food in Boise" or what LoveFood has as the "best Mexican food in Idaho," but having the locals share their thoughts and opinions all in one place is a gold mine for Mexican food lovers.

For example, LoveFood named this Mexican restaurant in Ketchum one of the best Mexican Restaurants in the country, and one of the reasons was because it was on the healthier side. They only serve sustainable fish, regionally sourced beef, local pork, cheese from Jerome, and natural meat products. They also use non-hydrogenated oil for frying and cooking, which means no trans fats.

Despo's Mexican Restaurant

211 4th Street East, Ketchum, Idaho 83340
Monday - Saturday from 11:30 to until Close
Closed Sundays

So, where are the Boise locals going for the best Mexican Food? The best part of this list is that there are some Mexican restaurants I've never heard of and can't wait to try. Like any comment section, you're going to have people like this.

"Best Mexican Food in Boise is Caldwell." Someone else chimed in with, "Or Nampa."

Best Mexican food in Boise?
byu/Neat_Remove_1847 inBoise

Boise Locals Share Their Favorite Mexican Restaurant

Someone on Reddit asked in a Boise thread, "Best Mexican food in Boise? What's your favorite place? How much does it cost?" Here are their answers.

When we shared the original story "Idaho Mexican Restaurant Declared One of the Best in The Country," we got some people who disagreed, and they gave us these recommendations.

Recommended Mexican Restaurants In The Treasure Valley

When we posted about an Idaho Mexican restaurant being one of the best in the country, some people on our Facebook thought these were better.

If you are curious about who Yelp and Tripadvisor have as the best Mexican restaurants based on reviews and ratings for 2023, here's a list.

6 Best Mexican Food Restaurants in the Boise Area in 2023

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