If you haven't had Falafel, you should try to do so on June 12, which is International Falafel Day. If you need help finding the best Falafel in the Boise area. If you don't know what Falafel is, it's a delicious deep-fried ball made from chickpeas or fava beans. Falafel is a vegan favorite since it has no meat or dairy and sometimes contains onions, cumin, or coriander. 

Falafel can be eaten on its own or placed into a pita for a wrap. 

Falafel gained popularity in North America after a few Jewish eateries and neighborhoods in 1970. It fastly became one of the most famous street foods and can now be found in many eateries as a meat-free choice for vegetarians. But don't let that stop you from trying Falafel because even though it is vegan-friendly, it's a great snack or meal. 

Fun Fact: Falafel became so popular that McDonald's offered a "McFalafel" as part of its breakfast menu in Egypt for a time. 

We looked at Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Google to determine who has the best Falafel in the Boise area. Another great thing about the list below is that if you're a fan of Mediterranean or Middle Eastern food, this list will also be an excellent source. 

An article that I found on Smart Mouth is titled "Idaho: Home of the Country's Best Falafel," written by Cassandra Brooklyn will also be included below as well. Cassandra, who is a freelance journalist and guidebook author, has traveled all around the world, and she says, "Idaho’s license plate may read 'Famous Potatoes' but I believe that in Boise, falafel is king."

The Best Falafel In The Boise Area

Using Google Reviews, Yelp, and Tripadvisor, we've put together a list of the best Falafel in the Boise area.

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