Baked, cheesy goodness in a deep dish pan! How does a deep dish pizza sound for today?

Sure, we're not in Chicago, but that doesn't mean we don't have a bunch of amazing options here in the Treasure Valley. So, to celebrate National Deep Dish Pizza Day, we wanted to share with you...

The 5 best places for the most delicious deep dish pizza in the Boise area 👇

National Today says...

"Oh, pizza. Is there a single food more universally beloved that is also so incredibly divisive? The most contentious of these divisions comes between New Yorkers and their New York-style slices and Chicagoans and their deep dish pies."

As for how deep dish pizza was created, National Today says it was "invented in the Windy City in 1943 by Ike Sewell, founder of Uno’s Pizzeria. It became so popular that it spun into a huge national chain and inspired dozens upon dozens of other deep dish pizzerias in major cities across the world."

So, today we get our napkins ready, and we dive into some amazing deep dish pies at local restaurants! Or if you'd like, you could always celebrate by attempting to make your own deep dish pizza, too.

One thing’s for sure, there isn’t a shortage of options in the Boise Area — there are A LOT of pizza places to choose from. Keep scrolling for a list of the 5 best places for delicious deep dish pizza in the Boise area and MORE 👇

5 Best Places for Delicious Deep Dish Pizza in the Boise Area

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