A woman on Reddit is fed up because her sister won't stop sleeping with her exes. Now, she's ready to cut her out of her life.

"This has been going on since we were teenagers. She did it with my first boyfriend and a few others after that. I get told by a lot of people that it shouldn’t hurt me because the boyfriends I’ve had don’t belong to me, but it traumatizes me in a way that I can’t seem to get validation for when I do explain it to literally anyone because no one I know has this problem," she wrote on Reddit, adding people made her feel like she was "overreacting."

"Fast forward a little bit. When I got married she moved in with me. I got divorced a year later and she chose his side in our breakup even though we broke up because he cheated on me. That hurt, sure, but I didn’t think much of it other than she was demonizing me for the physical fights my mom and I got into before I was displaced from my home as a teenager, and it wasn’t a super big deal to me until I found out that the real reason she chose his side is because she also slept with my ex-husband," she continued.

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"That’s when I cut off complete contact. Well, then she proceeded to [sleep with] and date ANOTHER ex of mine, while he also had a pregnant girlfriend. (The total number of exes she slept with over about 15 years [is six])," she added.

Her sister is finally dating someone the woman didn't date first "for once." However, the sisters' mom recently died, which forced them to "communicate" and clean out their mom’s apartment.

"During that time she offered me an apology for choosing my ex-husband’s side in our breakup, but didn’t say a thing about sleeping with him or any of my exes. I still can’t bring myself to trust her and talk to her, I don’t want to let her back in because she keeps choosing to hurt me, and this is not the only way she does that," she explained.

Even though her mom asked her to "love" and forgive her sister before she passed away, the woman isn't sure she can ever truly have a relationship with her sister now.

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Users in the comments section rallied behind the woman, with many suggesting she cut off contact with her sister.

"I would also never let her into my life again. She's just lurking for a chance to screw you over," one person wrote.

"The petty b---h in me would cut her ... out of my life while saying 'I hope you enjoyed years of sloppy seconds,'" another commented.

"Just lead her on until your mom's estate is settled, then ghost her ass. You don’t need any extra drama in your life, and it sounds like that’s all she is," someone else himed in.

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