Fans on TikTok are roasting one couple's engagement due to the future bride seemingly being more excited about Taylor Swift than the proposal.

A common occurrence at Swift's Eras Tour has been a string of well-timed marriage proposals during her performance of Fearless hit "Love Story," right when she sings the lyric: "He knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring and said 'Marry me, Juliet.'"

However, one couple's engagement is being lightly roasted on TikTok due to the future-bride's seemingly distracted reaction to her boyfriend popping the question.

The video shows a man getting down on one knee as Swift sings her 2008 hit. His now-fiancée smiles and quickly says yes before returning her gaze to the stage where Swift is performing, while Swifties in the crowd around them cheer and jump up and down.

Watch below:

Even though the couple were clearly happy, viewers in the comments section questioned the woman's excitement level.

"I’ve never seen anyone less excited to get engaged," one person commented.

"The three [fans] in front of them are the most supportive people I’ve ever seen! Love to see it!" someone else pointed out.

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Others joked that she was more excited to get back to watching Swift perform since the couple appeared to have floor seats with a great view of the stage.

"She’s like yes, but get up don’t you see Taylor is performing," one viewer noted.

"She said yes, now let’s watch the show," another joked.

"She’s like, I’m missing the concert I don’t have time for this," someone else commented.

One person reckoned that since there have been so many proposals during Swift's concerts, which began in March, there might be a natural follow-up to the trend in, say, nine months or so.

"You know there was a 'baby boom.' Well, get ready for the 'Taylor boom' ... babies born from Taylor Swift engaged couples," they commented.

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