A nervous man's proposal went viral on TikTok after his girlfriend's family captured his ring box mishap on video.

"This was so funny and so sweet ... we couldn't stop laughing. He was so nervous!" Kaleigh Levins captioned the moment her now-fiancé popped the question to her while holding the engagement ring box upside down.

"This is how I know I'm marrying the right man," Kaleigh wrote over the viral video, which shows her sweet gazebo engagement.

Kaleigh told People she noticed something peculiar about the ring box after her boyfriend got down on one knee.

"He was shaking. It was so sweet. But then I noticed the ring was upside down and I just started busting up laughing," the bride-to-be told the outlet.

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"He quickly flipped it the right way around and gave me a big old hug and I told him I’d marry him. But it was such a sweet moment because we were laughing during it and were both goofy," she continued.

Kaleigh's family had a good laugh after the mishap.

"They said that it was pretty funny of him because that seems like something he would do but they were very excited for us. It was honestly so perfect, it was so beautiful and we're very excited to continue with wedding planning," she shared.

Watch the cute moment, below:

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