Taylor Swift fans are strong and mighty, but did they really cause the price of eggs to drop?

During the Grammy Awards Sunday (Feb. 5), host Trevor Noah jokingly asked Swift to call on her fans, a.k.a the Swifties, to lower the inflated price of eggs all across the country.

"You have the best fans in the world. I mean, what they did with Ticketmaster, what they might do for artists all over the world, what they might do for fans who want to go to concerts, is amazing," Noah said.

He then suggested Swifties mobilize to handle the price of eggs.

"I just wonder, once they are done with this, can you get them to handle the price of eggs?" he asked the pop star.

"There's really nothing that they can't accomplish," Swift replied, telling Noah she would get her fans "on it."

In an ironic, coincidental twist, the wholesale price of eggs dropped significantly following the viral Grammys moment.

CNBC reports the price of eggs fell to $2.61 per dozen eggs the day after the Grammy Awards, marking an overall 52 percent drop from the nationwide average, which was $5.43 as of Dec. 19.

"Prices have collapsed. That’s a big, big adjustment downward," Angel Rubio, senior analyst at food industry market analysis company Urner Barry, told the news outlet.

The news of wholesale egg prices dropping after Swift's comments even made its way to social media, where it went viral on TikTok.

Watch below:

In the comments section, users joked about the timing of the wholesale eggs price drop in the wake of the viral Grammys moment.

"I’m legit terrified of Swifties now," one person wrote.

"The government works hard, but Swifties work harder," another user commented.

"I’m not even a Taylor Swift fan, but like Taylor Swift for president," someone else shared.

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