Seriously. The makers of Fortnite have gotten in a fight with Apple and Google and the game is no longer available in the app stores. People are looking to make nearly $40,000 off of devices that already have the game on them!

I feel like quite an idiot because when my nephew visited me a while back, he convinced me to download Fortnite. I quickly deleted it cause I was not into at all, but I'm not a gamer. Now, it turns out people are looking to make good money by selling their devices that already have Fortnite. Last I looked, there was one for sale for $40,000.

Is it worth it? Not sure... Also, what if the game ends up back in the app store after someone paid that much money for it?! I had Angry Birds on my phone long after it was removed from the app store back in 2012 or whenever it was originally a big deal and I felt pretty important for having it but I never considered selling it!

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