Acting Governor Brad Little today (5/10/17) has declared a state of disaster emergency for Custer, Elmore and Gooding Counties. This is in addition to the disaster emergency declaration that came Sunday for Blaine County.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The Blaine County Sheriff’s Office issued a mandatory evacuation and road closures for areas in Ketchum impacted by flooding Monday afternoon (5/8/17).   People were told to gather their family and pets and other essential items then leave the area as soon as possible. Those that could not get out on their own where told to call 911 for help.

Residents living in the area will not be allowed back in until the flood danger has passed. According to the sheriff’s office emergency services will not be able to access the area during the evacuation order. People are being advised not to wait for an evacuation order if they are in danger and should leave.

Overflowing rivers caused by melting snow and record setting snow pack are flooding many communities in Idaho right now, including the Boise River here in Ada and Canyon counties.

Lt. Governor Little along with Governor Otter and Brad Richy of the Idaho Office of Emergency Management will tour of some of the affected areas this upcoming weekend.

If you are wondering why Lt. Governor Brad Little was the one to declare the disaster emergency, it’s because Governor Otter is out of the state right now, leaving the Lieutenant Governor as acting governor.


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