Mike and I both grew up poor. The great thing about it though was that we had no idea we were poor. Then we grew up and moved out and realized, holy cow...we were poor!

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One year my mom made our Christmas tree out of an old green sleeping bag. I remember her standing it up with a broom and spreading it out over an old milk can. Kellee and I strung up popcorn and cranberries and thought we had the most beautiful tree in the whole world! Mike's mom made all his pants. His senior prom suit was brown corduroy that his mom made and of course then it was handed down to the 4 younger brothers. But like I said, we thought everyone lived like this until we got friends, grew up and moved out. Turns out...we were poor! I had a listener share with me that when they were kids, they wanted to play t-ball. They were so poor that their mom took gravel and taped it up into a "gravel ball" and that is how they played t-ball in the neighborhood. When they started school they realized that the other kids were not playing with gravel balls.

Fill in the blank. I was so poor I had to __________.