Being a stay-at-home parent is a full-time job, but not everyone understands the work that goes into raising kids.

Case in point: A mom was frustrated after her husband had the audacity to call her lazy for resting when their children take a nap during the day.

The mother-of-three explained she has a 5-year-old, a 3-year-old and 12-week-old, and since she does nighttime feedings, she catches up on sleep during the day.

"I do all the night feeds and then I will do the last feed at 6[AM] and then I will get up," she wrote via parenting forum Mumsnet. "Feed kids, get them ready for school & nursery."

She explained her husband will drop the oldest children off at school while she stays home with the baby and does the daily chores around the house.

"Then around 10:00[AM] I will get back into bed with [the] baby with a cuppa [cup of tea], try and nap or just relax," she continued, adding that her husband typically drops the 3-year-old back off at home around noon and then "goes back to his office."

The woman detailed she makes lunch for the kids before they all "get back into bed" and "fall asleep" together.

After their nap, she usually showers and prepares for "the next feeding for her baby and stays downstairs for the remainder of the day."

However, when her husband sees her napping, he accuses her of being "lazy" and asks her: "Why don't you just get dressed and take the kids out instead of getting back into bed?"

She has tried to reason with him, explaining that the nap helps her feel less "groggy" throughout the day. She also wrote that the kids get out on the weekends as they do different activities together as a family.

In the comments, users got behind the woman, and many slammed her husband for being too critical.

"You're sleeping when the baby sleeps and if you're doing all the things you need to that's not lazy, it's just catching up on your nighttime hours and protecting yourself from the negative effects of sleep deprivation which can be awful and cause mental health issues," one person wrote.

"The day he grows [three] people in his body, births them and gets up all night every night with them he can judge," another shared.

"I think your [dear husband] needs to be kinder and more understanding as to how hard lack of sleep and caring for babies and children can be," someone else commented.

"Not lazy at all. Everything is a balance and this sounds great, and works for you," one user weighed in.

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