Once a year growing up, my grandma would have a garage sale and each time I was amazed at the things people would buy.  Ketchup packets?She would save the plastic trays from TV dinners (washed of course), and sell them for 5 cents a stack at her yearly garage sale.  She sold old ketchup packets and grape jelly packets that she had swiped from restaurants, and those usually went for 10 cents per ziploc bag full.  The National Geographic magazines were a hot item too, and those were way more pricey. She'd sell a stack of ten of them for about a buck.  This was the 80s at her lake house in rural Nebraska.  The cabin-goers snatched up those TV dinner trays so they wouldn't have to go to Walmart and buy plates, and those condiment packages stayed fresh for months so they kept the newly-purchased stash in their cabin fridges.  Who knows what the buyers did with the Nat Geos, but my grandma sure did find a hot market for them.

Have you ever seen a ketchup packet for sale at Idaho's Largest Garage Sale?  Me neither!  But I'm sure there will be plenty of other treasures there, perhaps even more valuable than my granny's Banquet Chicken compartmentalized plastic white TV dinner trays.

Idaho's Largest Garage Sale is coming up May 16th at Expo Idaho in Garden City, and you can reserve booth space now and sell your treasures.  Grandma Simona would have loved it!

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