Seriously? Last week I decided to participate in The Color Run & now I have to decide on the Team Name. 

Getty Images - Keith Tsuji

Of course I cannot come up with a unqie  name besides Color Me Crazy which I thought wasn't at all. So I took to the internet & cam across Custom Ink's Funny & Creative Team Names. And I laughed so hard when I read some of the following;

"Creative and Fun Color Run Team Names

Get Fit or Dye Tryin'

Taste the Rainbow

Cray Cray Crayola

Pigmentation Party

Do or Dye

Rainbow Rockets

Rainbow Connection

Dye Me a River

A Running Canvas

Sour Patch Kids

Dye Dye Birdie


These Colors Don’t Run. Oh wait…

Powder to the People

Team Skittles"

Immediately I contacted some of the ladies that I'll be running and training with to decide on a name. The most frustrating part was getting them to responded quick enough for my liking- ha ha! Anyway, I really like "Cray Cray Crayola" I just couldn't stop laughing when I read it but it's taken twice! Once are "Cray Cray Crayola" and again as "Cray Cray-Crayola". But I actually decided on one that's not on the list above, "HueMor Me", so if you see it and would like to join my team please do. And if you want to use one of the ideas above or more visit Custom Ink for more ideas.

Which is your favorite? Let me know below.